Blue Economy

Promoting resource-efficient and circular production practices in Morocco’s fish processing value chain

The processing of fish into food products requires a lot of water and energy, which significantly impacts the production costs, profitability and the industry’s environmental impact. Large volumes of leftover by-products from this sector are either wasted or processed in products with a low-added value, which is a lost opportunity for the industry and an adverse for the environment.

Under the SwitchMed Blue Economy component, this initiative supports the fish processing value chain to find ways to reduce water and energy consumption while demonstrating the technical-economic feasibility of solutions to valorise by-products into innovative products with higher added value. This project aims to increase resource efficiency and find ways that can improve the profitability and the environmental performance of the Moroccan fish processing sector. Read more


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Fish Processing in Morocco – Key figures (2021)


Million tons (fish production)




Thousand Tons exported


Billions MAD
(export turnover)

312 000

Tons (frozen fish exports)

161 000

Tons (canned fish exports)

138 000

Tons (fishmeal exports)

30 000

Tons (fishoil exports)

117 000

Direct employments in fish processing


Billion MAD of investments in 2021